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Saturday, June 9, 2007



had first Ischemic stroke was in April 2004 and with my 6th Ischemic being about a month ago end of March in 2007.

After the first stroke I had absolutely no outward signs. I actually wasn't either sure I had anything. I felt a kind of tingling sensation on my face. Around my nose, cheek and lips...

Strokes 2 thru 5, still the same thing. I had ambivalent feelings about the whole thing. A friend who a stroke about 6 years ago and now he is confined to a wheelchair, has not talked to date. He is with 1 stroke, with me having 5 and I was walking around, acting quite normal.

Last month I had #6. Things changed... this time it changed brain around a bit. I had aphasia... Aphasia means that I could understand what was being said... I had my problems with language... both with speaking as the words and with just finding the right words. And it really irritated me that I had all of the words and sentences in my head but would get lost by the they got to my mouth.

The other problem I am was with typing... my fingers would not type what was in my mind. The I have to type words are spelled and I seem to type some words twice in a row. A problem I am experiencing currently.

All and all, quite interesting and learning to say the least.

P.S. If there are any spelling or grammar errors... I am using a out-dated keyboard. lol


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