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Tuesday, May 29, 2007



esterday, I mentioned something and said I will tell you about it. Hmmmm....

I don't should or not.... Here's what I do.... it involved constipation and dia.....

Oh hold.... here is a good example how a stroke, aside from mixed words and spelling works.... I have been sitting for 15 minutes to figure out to spell the opposite of constipation. I know what the word is... I can't spelling it or it look in up the dictionary. So not only can I not spell, this paragraph took me 23 minutes to write and correct the spelling of the all words in it.

Found this diagram of the brain and the functions of each side. Remember the I have had 4 strokes on my right side and I have done great with writing my blog. Two weeks ago I had stroke on my left side and I gotten done today dately.

I have all kinds of problems with speaking, typing, etc. Making words spell right and the spelling... this really SUCKS is bigtime.

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It taken me 56 minutes to write this blog for to and make corrects so far... and to think the think word even though I know the word!!

It's one's self to have a stroke to begin to realize how complex we built and how we operate. This aforementioned sentence took 6 minutes to type.

AND GUESS WHAT??? I publish the blog, and read it, after edited... there are words STILL to wrong!!! LOL... I have to get down to practicing.

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